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Teaching foreign languages through art, song, and play

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What is Little Linguists, you ask?

   Learning a foreign language is a skill that is of growing importance in today's global economy.  The benefits of learning a foreign language, however, do not just stop at a child's occupational future.  The minds of young children are far more malleable than those of an adult's. It is far easier to learn and retain a foreign language for young children.  Second language acquisition has been proven to increase children's overall academic progress as well as their creative thinking and reasoning skills.  In addition, learning a new language will improve a child's listening skills and memory, greatly improving their chance for success in future academic endeavors.  Research has also shown that children who learn a foreign language at young ages score better on standardized tests than those who do not.  

   The advantages and opportunities granted to children with second language capabilities are seemingly endless.  That is why we at Little Linguists are commited to preparing our local youth for the future by introducing them to foreign languages at an early age.  We teach the widely spoken languages of Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese through games, art, and music.  We introduce language in such a way that it is relatable, comprehensive, and fun.  Little Linguist classes will give your toddler, preschooler, or school-aged child a fun and memorable introduction to foreign languages and cultures that will make their future that much brighter.  Your chidlren will also enjoy sharing with you what they are learning!

Sandra Aresta - Director of Little Linguists

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